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Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Our Specialist

Dr. Raj Shekhar

M.B.B.S. MDC (Anaesthesia and Critical Care)

Anaesthesia & Critical Care

This department deals with all types of critical problems like respiratory failure , sepsis, hypotension , severe trauma cases , cardiac emergencies , terminally sick patients , post surgical serious patients

Department is also concerned with giving Anaesthesia to surgical patients, Pre Anaesthetic check up, post surgical care, pain relief clinic

Available Procedures :

  1. Spinal/Epidural Anaesthesia
  2. General Anaesthesia
  3. ET Intubation / Ventilation
  4. Central Venous Line
  5. CPR
  6. Arterial Lines
  7. Tracheostomy
  8. Chest Tube Insertion
  9. Feeding Tubes

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