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This department caters to diagnosis, treatment and operations for various eye diseases.

The department is handled by consultant eye surgeon who visits twice a week and two experienced optometrists who takes care of eye problems 24/7.

Available Treatment for Piles :

  1. Dilated Refraction
  2. Fundus Examination
  3. Intropion Surgery
  4. Extropion Surgery
  5. Calagion
  6. Hydrofold SQ
  7. Squint Correction Biometry
  8. Cauterization of ulcer/subconjunctival
  9. Chalazion incision and curettage
  10. Probing in GA
  11. Pterygium Excion
  12. Pterygium excision with Conjunctival Autografting
  13. Ptosis Correction


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