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The Hospital provides 24/7 acute and urgent medical care for patients requiring hospital admission for assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of medical illnesses. We have the most advanced technology available at our hospital.

We have the most advanced technology available at our hospital. Often, patients can have diagnostic investigations at the same visit as their initial consultation with one of the medical specialists and highly skilled and committed staff.

With Advanced lab investigations available 24 hours along with 24 hour ICU back up, we are the best in district Sirmour in managing all serious infections and serious medical problems

We manage
1. All chronic disease like diabetes , high blood pressure , cardiac problems
2. Respiratory problems like COPD , Bronchial asthma , tuberculosis
3. Neurogenic problems like seizure disorders , CVA , chronic headaches
4. All stomach related / gastric problems / pain abdomen / indigestion
5. All types of infections like malaria / typhoid / dengue / swine flu etc
6. All kidney related diseases .


Welcome to Shri Sai Hospital, a multispeciality care hospital that aims to become a trusted bastion of health and hope for the community!. patient-centric, affordable, accessible and one-stop destination enjoys peaceful location of Chakreda. With the belief that world-class health care should be the prerogative of all, Shri Sai Hospital offers number of speciality departments under one roof, driven by technology, talent, care and compassion.

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